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Dreams of the Dying

Horror starts in our minds

"In a city of dreamers, there are bound to be nightmares."

When a contract leads Jespar Dal’Varek, mercenary and professional cynic, to the island nation of KilĂ©, he sees it as a chance to turn the page.

He quickly finds that the "Land of Opportunities" and it’s glittering metropolis walk on a tightrope. While the upper class lives in luxury, a controversial decree has birthed an insurgency among the poor.

As Jespar learns that the First Magnate has fallen into a supernatural coma and that it’s his mission to find out what caused it, he realizes that in a city of dreamers there are bound to be nightmares. And that sometimes, it’s only a thin line between the sleeping and the awoken.

The novel is 100% free to read on my Patreon, but patrons get chapters one day in advance.

drama fantasy horror mystery

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