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Crew of the Helianthus

The Helianthus is an old ship with a young crew. This is their struggle to keep her running and the bills paid while exploring the galaxy. The newest member is Valorie Davis, an ex-imperial communicator, but there is something off about her. How will she fit in?

The year is 2502 AE, and humanity has spread throughout our arm of the galaxy. Across thousands of planets and stations, the Network keeps humanity connected in near real time. Through the Network, factions govern over the masses, gaining power with every station under their control. A tenuous peace exists between the four superpowers curbed only by the sheer bloodshed incurred in the UEE Civil War.

To the crew of the FL Helianthus, this news is secondary to figuring out their next resupply. As a freelance ship, they are not tied to any one faction. That means finding work while navigating the dangers of space and diplomacy.

ensemble fantasy friendship futuristic science fantasy slice of life

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