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An Empire

This is the story of an expanding empire, not understanding its reach, unfulfilled by its goals, and misled by its gods. It follows a group of travellers as they try to expand the empire, and probe the edges of its control. It is set in a world in which power is directly connected to origins, ancestry, and the gods of a culture. It examines the effects of conflict on a people when they can’t be disconnected from their surroundings, and thus true mobility is not possible.

The first book will be focusing on a group trying to explore and settle the lands east of their empire. Deciding that a new push is needed, groups are being funded to take and farm the near-empty land, and a group of four is heading out ahead of many of the settlers. The four—Sojo, Mirrel, Eyn, and Brehen—hope to find and chart something of importance in a vast, nearly unexplored landscape, and bring the knowledge back to make their fortune. This story will be focusing on the people that make, inspire, and ultimately shape the course of an empire’s ambitions.

It updates Wednesdays.

adventure colonization drama fantasy friendship magic travel