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A Hero Returns

Aren Damoder, one of Dunia’s most revered heroes, strayed from his passions of heroism after losing everything he had loved and became the person who swore not to be. Despite his regrets of his past actions, he seeks to be seen as a paragon of good once again. Now, the fallen hero goes on a quest to save Thyderalis from a gruesome future no matter the cost, by killing the perpetrators and the use of manipulation.

However, doing so will go against his burning desires of valor so the question lies: will he sacrifice the few for a guaranteed future or try to save all, risking the unpredictable?

As Aren hides himself among the masses, masking his true identity, he travels with Layette, a knight who strives to be as great as the legendary heroes. Together, along with many companions and battles to come, they will end the conflict between two major alliances and bring peace to Thyderalis.

(Arc 1 of the Chronicles of Thyderalis series)

action adventure anime fantasy sword and sorcery