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A collection of Brotherhood Stories. It benefits the reader if they’ve read Hy’Ruh-ha, and Edict.

Stories included.

Short Novel: The Monk and the Princess- After a several months break from duty, Soletus, is asked to serve by the Patriarch as an escort to a conference the Brotherhood is attending. The only catch is he’s acting as a second warden because someone wants him promoted. All he has to do is be at his best. However, his best is put to the test as he led surly men and then get whisked off to solve a disturbing plot with a determined and bored princess.

*Short Story: Espen- Soletus decides to confront Espen. However, the farm boy is avoiding him for the same reasons Soletus wants to speak with him.

*Short Story: Galen- Then Queen had picked out a single cur for the Brotherhood to aid and Oeric gets a reminder of where he’s come from.

*Short Story: The Sun and Stars: Kiao must come to terms with not becoming the head of infirmary and find a new purpose while dealing with a visit with her parents.

*=not completed

drama elves fantasy short stories slice of life

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