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Caeruleus Aether: Blackbird

Every kingdom has a secret. Every hero, a weakness. Every villain, a master plan.

Sent out with several other Valkyries to investigate a strange anomaly by Brynhildr, Valkyrie Vaeramae follows her strict orders of noninterference. When she experiences what she thinks Brynhildr meant, she fully intends to stay with the world she was assigned to see if it was merely a strange occurrence or something with a bigger impact. But when Ölrún has a vision, Vaeramae believes in it enough to follow it, disobeying her orders.

Ölrún’s vision answers their question of what’s going on, but leaves many more questions behind. As she digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding certain persons and events, she begins to wonder if something else beyond the control of the gods is going on.

adventure fantasy high fantasy mythic series time travel

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