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a matter of light and death

So here’s the deal: my name is Kihri Vyas, and I’m dead.

(That’s not really important, it happened ages ago, but it’s good to have the context.)

Anyway, me and my sister Zarah (the only person who can see or hear me) have basically been on our own since I carked it, surviving on the streets of Kaila, and sort of just being miserable and bored and tired a lot. I mean, I haven’t, cause I’m dead, but she has. It sucks, but that’s business as usual for us.

What isn’t B-A-U is that a bunch of other homeless folks have been disappearing in the last few months, and some of them have been turning up with anatomically-improbable, but extraordinary fatal, injuries. Cops don’t give a shit, of course, and my sister’s a boneheaded bleeding heart, so we’ve been investigating them ourselves. And, well, we’ve found a bunch of weird shit. Stuff made of solid light, ghost attack dogs, people glowing black, somehow, some kind of living robot…

Actually, you know what?

It’s probably easier if you see for yourself.

blacklight is a modern fantasy serial about family, ghosts, magic, being gay, and making the best of a really, really, really bad situation.

Updates are not complete chapters.

action alternate universe fantasy modern supernatural queer science fantasy urban fantasy young adult

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