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Black Moon

I’m rich! Gahahahaha! Wait…. Noooooooo. I’m eating it? Someone stop me, for once in my life I am considered a billionaire but now I have to resort to eating gold for dessert or my scales will become dull and weak. Sigh….The woes of being a dragon. Especially when I can’t just leisurely spend it on my own whims anymore. Sob. Sob.

Wait a moment, what is this? My life is entwined with a demon lord? Why? I want to live a peaceful but fun life. Not resort to having only three choices where it will lead me all down to my own death. This is not fair!

Being brought to a new world where monsters, heroes, and even magic resides. Dear god of fortune if you are there please please please stop making gold taste like sweet candy. Instead make it taste like apples. I want some apples right now, sigh. I do not sound like a dragon at all

adventure dragons elves fantasy humor romance rpgs young adult

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