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Earth has had a bloody, disastrous first contact with an alien species, and humanity barely managed to survive their victory over the invaders. The planet had been struggling: wars, famine, environmental and industrial disasters, and achievements in science that came faster than morality could catch up. After the repulsion, advanced alien technology was reverse engineered to allow a massive leap forward in space exploration – and a fighting chance against an enemy that continued to attack. Earth united under a single government, the Sol Confederation. The world Congress and the Sol Coalition military forces spent the next century fighting a war across star systems.

In 2148, Sergeant Clara Maker is more than halfway through her obligatory two years of service in the military when she becomes involved in a new wave of aggressive attacks. She wants nothing more than to finish her duty tour and return to Earth, but a career as a soldier may not be something she can escape. Not with her life intact.

Congress and the Sol Coalition have acknowledged that the war cannot be won without taking drastic measures. Trillions of credits have been invested in researching new technology and strategies that might turn the tide. Although humans have reaped the benefits of genetic engineering advancements since before the invasion, it was only to improve the quality of life: eliminating hundreds of physical and developmental disorders. For some leaders on Earth, the next step is an obvious choice. To save their species, they must create a new one.

There are those who argue that super-soldiers, created in a laboratory, designed and raised to obey the Sol Coalition and defend a society that has spent generations shedding undesirable traits from their DNA, are not a step towards peace. Faster and stronger, bred for war, those soldiers were created to fight and die on behalf of humans that would shun them – if their existence was made public. The secret research project could give Clara Maker what she desires most – a life without war. Or, it could rip apart the fragile unity Earth developed against a common enemy.

action aliens drama futuristic science fiction war

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