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Ashborn Primordial

An Epic Progression Fantasy

The Primordial will bring the End of Realms. Find him! Purge him! Burn him to Ash!

Ekavir is a hardworking lumberjack’s son. It isn’t his fault crows speak in eldritch voices when he walks through the forest, or that his bloodred eyes leave the village bullies shaking in their shoes. He might be the latest incarnation of the dreaded Primordial, but he never asked for that. He doesn’t even know.

When knights arrive hunting for the Ender of Realms, Vir loses his idyllic life along with his chance to be anything else. To grow strong enough to survive, he’ll have to become the Primordial.

There’s just one problem: Vir can’t do magic. Not even the simplest spells to light a fire or conjure a breeze.

To take back control of his destiny, Vir will have to find a whole new way of magic. He’ll have to forge his own path… and he’ll have to do it while running, fighting, and clawing for survival.

action adventure epic fantasy magic young adult

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