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Arjuna's Daughter

Amba begged the demi-god Krishna to train her as a warrior. His price: to make her a pawn in his grand scheme.

Aryavarta, Northern India, 864 BC

Krishna rested in a clearing, giving Amba a clear shot. She raised her bow longing for the satisfaction of a kill. A doe distracted her as it bounded between mangroves to join its herd in a knee-deep pool. Amba scowled; Arjuna would not have lost focus. She hadn’t thought about her father for years. Now, as her arrow targeted his best friend the memories of him flooded back. Krishna headed to a denser mangrove and Amba had to take the shot. Krishna turned to her. His strange blue eyes were as alert as they’d ever been. Amba faltered again as she remembered what brought her there.

“Arjuna’s Daughter” is available for both online and offline reading. A new chapter of the novel is being released each week on, and is available for free after its release. Readers who would like to read ahead or access the e-book can buy the novel via the My Account page.

action adventure fantasy historical fantasy

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