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Ardent Tears

This is the tale of a girl's great and terrible Awakening

Youth is something to be treasured, for it is the foundation upon which all experiences are built. It is also a time when some may Awaken as Ardents or Stoics; individuals who can draw great power from the Resonance of emotions. Rowan’efrii is one such youth, but at what cost?

This is the story of her journey; of love and loss, friendship and isolation, fortune and tragedy. What can a girl do when she is faced with all the wonders and horrors that the world has to offer?


In the Kingdom of Særis, a group of renegade lord are seeking to enslave young adolescents to forge them into Ardents and Stoics. Those that fall will be used in a war against the Azure King. Will they break Rowan, or will they turn her into the very thing that will destroy them.

bi dark fantasy magic mental illness romance

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