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Those comic books were lying about superpowers.

In the year 2010, the Pulse changed our world irrevocably.

It quickly became clear that superhero comics and movies had little impact on this new reality. Secret identities turned out to be illusions for most. The defining lines between hero and villain were blurry at best, and the prime duty of the United Nation’s powered Covenant was to hunt and eliminate potentially dangerous individuals regardless of their alignment.

It is now the year of 2012. Established structures begin to crumble, and superpowers spiral more and more out of control, acting as a catalyst for worldwide chaos.

Anathema explores the stories of three characters with different backgrounds, motivations, and perspectives as they try to find their individual paths in this pre-apocalyptic setting: a renegade hero, a withdrawn teenager whose powers are affected by social bonds, and a hip hop dancer who breaks the established boundaries.

Anathema updates at least weekly, occasionally twice weekly.

alternate universe apocalyptic complete dark friendship religion superhero teenagers

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