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Adventures in Viktorium

It's a whole other world!

In the year 1900, a French scientist by the name of Charles DuPont accidentally discovered an uninhabited parallel frequency of reality while running an electrical experiment. By 1906, he had perfected a machine for travel between the two worlds and by 1907, a beacon was constructed to reroute the souls of the dead to the new reality, effectively creating immortality. He dubbed this new world "Viktorium", symbolizing victory over death.

But for all his credit as a scientist, Charles was an egotistical narcissist who fancied himself king of the new realm. His government ultimately failed. In 1915, a coup was staged and he was driven into exile.

Now in 1920—despite the comforts of incredibly advanced technology and greater social equality—corruption in the capital city of Cavarice runs rampant. Many of Charles’ former cabinet members are still in charge of major corporations and there are a multitude of problems; food shortages, misuse and theft of police technology, orphaned children in the streets, and gang activity are a few.

But something truly sinister is brewing on the outskirts of the city as rumors of death and reports of bizarre glitches in reality eventually begin to flood the media. A series of terrorist attacks occur as the very political infrastructure of Cavarice is threatened.

In a world on the brink of destruction, intelligent voices rise up from the most unlikely of places. Can the youth save this new land they have come to call home, or will Viktorium be lost forever?

adventure apocalyptic dystopian fantasy science fantasy steampunk supernatural

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