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A Small Life

Struggling poet Suki has taken up life-modelling to make ends meet...

In a run-down northern English town Suki fights a daily battle with self-doubt over her pursuit of a vocation that has brought neither recognition nor fortune. Single once again, wistfully childless, haunted by the spectre of a destitute old age, Suki starts a lonely night-time blog about art, life, love, loss, and getting old alone. This soon engages a loyal community of empathetic fellow-creatives - witnesses to her dogged pursuit of publication as well as her perennial quests for love and for the meaning of life… Among the good days and bad days we share her desperate optimism: her agent makes promises; her job offers new relationships… But can anyone, or anything, prevent anorexic, slightly suicidal Suki from hurtling towards her next crisis?

art bi depression humor illustrated lesbian literary fiction novellas poetry queer

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