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A Raveling Night

Vikings. Sea monsters. Wicked hearts.

The gods are said to be dead. What once was a gift, is now a curse.

And with a Norian king on the throne, no gifted Aruel is safe.

Norians paint glaciers red with Aruel blood, believing it will bring them the favor of the gods—an end to the hunger, the bloodshed and the suffering of the kingdom.

Emery has spent her life running from the King’s men and hiding the fire in her Aruel blood. She crosses the border, but even then, she is surrounded by ghosts.

Secrets become unraveled, dark creatures rise, and death spreads through the lands. Raging seas and wrathful storms will bring an end to humanity.

Emery is the last flame in the darkness, destined to either set herself on fire, or watch the world drown.

anti-hero dark fantasy dragons family drama fantasy mythic pagan romance series survival

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