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Popular stories, tagged wuxia, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Web of Secrets

Akari Zeller uses her hacking skills to unlock the secrets of Mana Arts.

action adventure fantasy hackers wuxia xianxia

21 boosters


Dead Tired

No rest for the Liches

magic science undead wizards wuxia xianxia

9 boosters


A Gathering of Heroes series: Anhu

The first story in a light wuxia fantasy series about two women from Anhu county.

action fantasy historical fantasy martial arts series wuxia

0 boosters


The God of Lyn

Kings and Kingdoms fall, but God is always one

action fantasy medieval rpgs sword and sorcery wuxia

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Martial Void King

action adventure magic wuxia xianxia

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Fusion: The Journey (奇幻之旅)

An oriental fantasy web novel

action adventure fantasy martial arts steampunk sword and sorcery wuxia

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