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Popular stories, tagged fantasy and space opera, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Grand Design

Revenge for the Death of Humanity

action adventure fantasy futuristic post-apocalyptic science fantasy siblings space opera

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Bard’s Log

[Basic Accounting and Records Device - Status: ONLINE]

clones colonization dwarves elves fantasy first contact mecha robots science fantasy space opera

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The Final Few

Our pride ruined us. We fled from the consequences. We still didn't learn.

adventure ai aliens alternate universe dark fantasy fantasy futuristic magic science fantasy space opera

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In the Shadow of Heaven

drama ensemble epic fantasy lesbian queer science fantasy space opera space pirates

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Shattered Void

adventure aliens alternate universe epic fantasy science fantasy space opera urban fantasy

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Andy Crowley and the Grace of the Glass Grimoire

Somewhere in the multiverse, everything is a true story.

fantasy magic occult philosophy science fantasy space opera steampunk sword and sorcery

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The Whisper of Damkina

A Science Fantasy Web Serial

aliens fantasy science fantasy space opera

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