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Popular stories, tagged fantasy and military, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Brimstone Fantasy

adventure dark fantasy fantasy magic military post-apocalyptic rpgs sword and sorcery

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Brave Fighting Sun

The Past and The Present

action adventure comedy fantasy futuristic intrigue military politics war

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Dungeon Engineer

Engineer reborn as a dungeon core in a fantasy world.

alternate universe fantasy magic military mining science fantasy

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The Crucibles

Their death for your life. Their humiliation for our glory. Do not fail us.

action dark fantasy fantasy horror military mythic

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Chain Worlds: Rise of Three

action adventure dark fantasy dragons fantasy gods magic military

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The Eagle's Flight

King, nobleman, knight, commoner - who will remain standing?

adventure court life epic fantasy high fantasy medieval military politics war

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The Mythlings

action adventure drama fairy tale fantasy historical fiction medieval military pulp short stories swashbuckler sword and sorcery war

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Daybreak on Hyperion

Does magic affect the evolution of human civilization and conflict?

action adventure drama epic fantasy military politics series war

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Mud and Iron

A Military Fantasy Web Serial

coming of age elves fae fantasy medieval military

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The Call of the Seven Peaks

action complete dark fantasy friendship military

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Nowhere Island University

action college fantasy intrigue military science fantasy superhero

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In Crows' Claws

A Fantasy Epistolary War Tale

adventure dark fantasy fantasy magic military war

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Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

An epic fantasy of ambition, magic, love, and evil

adventure complete fantasy military romance sword and sorcery

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The Philosopher in Arms

A novel of power, love, war and spirit

action adventure angst bi coming of age drama fantasy gay love military politics post-apocalyptic spiritual violence

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