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Popular stories, tagged fantasy and futuristic, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

action alternate universe drama fantasy futuristic humor robots science fantasy superhero urban fantasy

12 boosters


Grand Design

Revenge for the Death of Humanity

action adventure fantasy futuristic post-apocalyptic science fantasy siblings space opera

3 boosters


Brave Fighting Sun

The Past and The Present

action adventure comedy fantasy futuristic intrigue military politics war

1 booster


Crew of the Helianthus

ensemble fantasy friendship futuristic science fantasy slice of life

0 boosters


The Final Few

Our pride ruined us. We fled from the consequences. We still didn't learn.

adventure ai aliens alternate universe dark fantasy fantasy futuristic magic science fantasy space opera

0 boosters


Just Your Normal Tournament

action adventure alternate universe fantasy futuristic magic science fantasy urban fantasy

0 boosters


Chosen Few

action complete fantasy futuristic science fantasy urban fantasy

0 boosters


RATS: 252 Chances At Redemption

A game of trust, secrets, and seemingly pure luck; how well does your friend wear their mask?

adventure fantasy futuristic modern mystery science fantasy young adult

0 boosters


Blood Sprawl

cyberpunk dystopian fantasy futuristic science fantasy urban fantasy

0 boosters


World of Fog and Dust

adventure dark fantasy fantasy futuristic post-apocalyptic young adult

0 boosters


The Beginners Guide to Magical Site Licensing

fantasy futuristic intrigue magic science fantasy

0 boosters


Terra Fabula

A foxen alien attempts to live in a universe that won’t let him die in peace.

ai aliens fantasy furry futuristic science fantasy series shapeshifters time travel

0 boosters


Dirigible Ditties

black comedy fantasy futuristic science fiction series

0 boosters


No Man An Island

Boy meets girl. Fights demons. Faces the devil to save the world. Your basic love story.

angels apocalyptic children college complete demons ensemble experimental fantasy futuristic modern supernatural spiritual

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