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Brave Fighting Sun

The Past and The Present

action adventure comedy fantasy futuristic intrigue military politics war

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The Eagle's Flight

King, nobleman, knight, commoner - who will remain standing?

adventure court life epic fantasy high fantasy medieval military politics war

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The Mythlings

action adventure drama fairy tale fantasy historical fiction medieval military pulp short stories swashbuckler sword and sorcery war

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A single man fights against spirits, demons, and even gods to defend his people.

adventure dark dark fantasy fantasy magic sword and sorcery war

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Daybreak on Hyperion

Does magic affect the evolution of human civilization and conflict?

action adventure drama epic fantasy military politics series war

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The Tale of Ashmores

adventure apocalyptic coming of age dystopian family series survival teenagers war

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In Crows' Claws

A Fantasy Epistolary War Tale

adventure dark fantasy fantasy magic military war

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