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Everyone Wears a Mask

action adventure crime fantasy modern supernatural science fantasy superhero urban fantasy young adult

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Trilobite Park

The South Hertling Chronicles 3

adventure fantasy horror humor romance science fantasy urban fantasy young adult

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RATS: 252 Chances At Redemption

A game of trust, secrets, and seemingly pure luck; how well does your friend wear their mask?

adventure fantasy futuristic modern mystery science fantasy young adult

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What Side Didn't Know

adventure fantasy magic science fantasy young adult

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Hidden Forge: Lucem Ac Tenebras

When a near future Earth becomes connected to a medieval world of magic, a man must forge a future for himself amidst the chaos.

adventure ai dragons fantasy friendship martial arts near future science fantasy young adult

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Beyond The Impossible

A weekly series of science fiction, mythology and super-powers

adventure epic fantasy science fantasy superhero young adult

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The Zodiac Experiment

Genetically engineered Teenagers with awesome powers.

action adventure fantasy registration required science fantasy young adult

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Grimm Apparatus

Who says pirates can’t hound you in space, science can’t flirt with magic, and dragons can’t be made of metal?

action adventure angst science fantasy space western young adult

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adventure coming of age complete first love futuristic literary fiction modern fiction near future pdf available podcast available science fantasy science fiction teenagers telepathy young adult young love

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