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Popular stories, tagged action and suspense, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Into the Mire

“They call it meldwood because it’ll meld with anything it touches. Other trees. Animals. Men.”

action adventure dark fantasy fantasy horror occult suspense sword and sorcery

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Prairie Song

A post-apocalyptic roadtrip across America.

action adventure bounty hunters gay mutants post-apocalyptic queer relationships roadtrip suspense western

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The Space Between

action drama suspense

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Brother's Keeper

For the hitman, home is where terror waits

action assassins crime family drama suspense thriller

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The Darker Side of Paradise

action adventure city life complete crime modern fiction suspense

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Peace Tomorrow

thriller, crime, romance, action, drugs, west coast, romeo and juliet

action addiction angst obsession romance suspense

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Theatre of Horrors

Live or die - the choice is yours.

action adventure cyoa fantasy post-apocalyptic reader directed suspense

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Project Redemption

Sometimes, all that stands between our security and a super-powered maniac, is another super-powered maniac.

action crime fantasy series superhero suspense thriller

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