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Popular stories, tagged action and angst, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

The Zombie Knight Saga

Death is coming. And he wants to help.

action angst dark fantasy fantasy humor modern superhero undead zombies

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The Last Skull

Teenagers. Super-heroes. Explosions. Time-travel.

action angst black comedy coming of age complete high school superhero teenagers violence young adult

1 booster


Until We Meet Again

action angst coming of age crime fantasy magic registration required

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Grimm Apparatus

Who says pirates can’t hound you in space, science can’t flirt with magic, and dragons can’t be made of metal?

action adventure angst science fantasy space western young adult

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Peace Tomorrow

thriller, crime, romance, action, drugs, west coast, romeo and juliet

action addiction angst obsession romance suspense

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The Philosopher in Arms

A novel of power, love, war and spirit

action adventure angst bi coming of age drama fantasy gay love military politics post-apocalyptic spiritual violence

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Winter Rain

Violence, revenge, and other family values: a story about life at the bottom of the pack.

action angst fantasy modern supernatural shapeshifters urban fantasy werewolves wolves

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